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Fun Drive

Event Date: 17th and 18th January 2020

In 1986, off-road driving was a leisure activity, enjoyed by a limited number of residents. The desert was a mystery and not many dared to venture into it. Gulf News came up with the concept of the Fun Drive that year, the prime objective was to give the people resident in the region an opportunity to experience the desert . This event was therefore held in March 1986, as a Day Drive and a total of 75 four wheel drives participated. Gulf News converted this into an Overnighter in 1990 with 400 cars.

Today, 33 years later, over 750 four wheel drives participate and have done so since 2000!

This Fun Drive will be the 39th one in the series as we have done two per year sometimes. To have sustained an event for 33 years, is a true testimony of its incomparable success .

  • The Fun Drive is unique in that it is the only event worldwide with a 'civilian' convoy of nearly 1000 cars. This record remains unb roken.
  • The Fun Drive has attracted interest from overseas media flown in by the Tourism authorities to promote the UAE. It has been covered by UK scribes writing for the Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Independent, Gatwick News, 4x4 Driver and on TV by Jeremy Clarkson and the Motorworld Team
  • Other overseas press included Panorama, L'Espresso from Italy and also Auto in Fuoristrada the influential 4x4 magazi ne. There was also coverage in South Africa as well as the Far East press including the Free China review covering Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Every year the event attracts participants from countries like Japan, Saudi, India, Kuwait who plan their holidays around the Fun Drive.

The Fun Drive is a great representation of adventure, camaraderie, communal living within the country and also the magnificence of the desert that is so very unique.

The Fun Drive is not a rally or race, but an event of fun for the whole family. It is an opportunity to venture, without worry, into the desert and enjoy an outdoors weekend, when every possible amenity is provided. It is an event of companionship, where over two thousand persons stay at the camp in a congenial and secure atmosphere and savour the delights of five-star catering, continuous live entertainment and communal living .

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